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I worked in this project as Art Director / Performer / Video Editor

In a New Ethical Luxury Concept, Informal Poetizm, by Erkan Çoruh: “To myself” an exclusive, reserved initiative haute couture line by Erkan Çoruh which is selected from brand’s own archive reinterpreted as art pieces, inspiring storical fashion & production techniques to bring freshness today luxury concepts, vibrant color, artigianal trimmings, structural forms, delicate changing silhouettes in perfect imperfection concept. Limited version of pieces will be produce only made to order, original collection reserved for galleries and collectors by appointment. Dedicated to German Artist Pina Bausch inspired by brand’s own past, reinventing its own future with a brave inner story. Harmonic unusual performative stylistic interpretations ,confidential free spiritual proposals, bring together strong western aesthetics with middle eastern cultural heritages in a new peaceful way. Erkan’s muses incarnated in contemporary way artist performer Chiara Mazzocchi and Juan Saturria photographed by Artist Beppe Volpini. Video Art and editing by Chiara Mazzocchi titled “ToMySelf”performed together with Juan Saturria expressing an individual inner-confidence and liberation through the black flag, to create a dialogue in silence between sky and earth, men and women, materials and spirits, fashion and art, culture and tradition".

ENG: An exclusive, reserved initiative Haute Couture line by Erkan Çoruh which is selected from brand’s own archive. Reinterpreted as Art pieces. The result is Special project "To Myself", an artistic collaboration with Chiara Mazzocchi, Beppe Volpini, Juan Saturria. Pieces will be available to produce only made to order in limited version, Original Collection reserved for art galleries and collectors by appointment. If you have any request please get in contact with us.

ITA: Un'esclusiva e riservata iniziativa Haute Couture linea di Erkan Çoruh che viene selezionata dall'archivio del nostro Brand. Reinterpretato come opera d'arte. Il risultato è il progetto speciale "To MySelf", in collaborazione con gli artisti Chiara Mazzocchi, Beppe Volpini, Juan Saturria. La produzione dei capi sarà disponibile solo su ordinazione in versione limitata. La Collezione originale sarà riservata alle gallerie d'arte e ai collezionisti su appuntamento.  Per qualsiasi richiesta si prega di mettersi in contatto con noi.

21 December 2012, Milan (Italy)

“TO MYSELF” Collection 2013" includes
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• Fashion Installation: Where Art Meets Fashion

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Photographed by Chiara Mazzocchi / Post-production by Beppe Volpini
Video Art Directed by Chiara Mazzocchi, Performed together with Juan Pablo Saturria.

© Chiara Mazzocchi Art Director / Performing / Editing
© Juan Saturria Performing / Dancer
© Ashram Music
© Beppe Volpini Sound Design video "Encounter"/ Photo Editor

All rights reserved
© Erkan Çoruh - © Chiara Mazzocchi