Photo-Video duration performance, Berlin 2011
Socio-political accusation. The video includes 600 self-portraits photos chosen from more than a thousand made in one day. The precariousness of existence, but also the daily fatigue supported by the human being to integrate into a society that requires approval to established norms. The political and social system they want us to live in is wearing us out to the point of de-personalization and annihilation: we're left in a state of unconsciousness. The only way out is inside of us. I expressed this tension by using a pair of stockings which I transform into an emotional and psychological death trap, an obstacle to reunification with nature (our self/our home). Nature is the leitmotif I choose to hold before the sense of imprisonment which is imposed by the social mechanism. And then, there's a window. An obsessive image that keeps appearing to reiterate alienation, separation from what one is naturally missing. A window that limits the screen and allows for a more intimate contact with one's inner self. The video ends with empty spaces to indicate absolute indifference. Human beings are cunning: they don't leave any conspicuous or visible traces behind. Awareness can expand beyond our egos, beyond our personal identity, our family, our material things, beyond all that we have learned, beyond our notions of space and time, beyond the differences that people and the system implement to separate from each other. Just by being present to ourselves, thoughts will slowly return to be our own thoughts.

Publicated on:
“Vogue” Italia
"Il Fotografo" Magazine N.248 Press (Italy)
“La Repubblica” , Italian daily newspaper