directed by Vito Mazzocchi

The zen garden is the Cosmos. In this performance I'm Alice, the Future. "The human being is born knowing that it is a small universe in the cosmos and making it part of the natural way, but only for a short time, when he begins to grow, he is diverted from the vicissitudes of life and an education directed to possession. Nothing is yours, you can't own anything, everything is cosmos and nothing is yours. Maturation and the way humans' if it is not aimed at the conscious return from whence it came, it leads to a wrong life full of envy, waste and any wickedness in spite of mother earth and her body" Vito Mazzocchi "I exist to Alice. For alice I do not trample more ants, I do not buy more shooting stars, but I will make sure that everything remains as it was ... when Alice was free between the fields and the talk of the wind. She was flying with the swallows ready to emigrate. I'm not certain to success, but I am sure that my commitment to make me happy".
Vito Mazzocchi/Sergio Macchione - In collaboration with Donna Lee Corboy (video and performance) and Sergio Macchione (Sculptures).
San Bartolomeo al Mare, IM, Italy 2009