Photographer, director-videoartist and performer based in Italy, born in Liguria coast, Italy, in 1978. She lived and worked in Berlin seven years, since 2010 till February 2017. Chiara Mazzocchi’s artistic research is conceptually humanistic and she explores photography, video art and performance through inner processes. There are artists who are looking for new forms, new subjects, new models, new spaces, she try to give shape to what the manipulation has made unrecognizable: the human being. She capture her inner processes through self-portrayals, operating between transcendence, awareness, subconsciousness, awakening, precariousness of existence induced by the imposed social system by using her SLR in manual mode and pressing the remote’s button during her self-reading process. The self portraits reflect upon aspects of her personal life, a dialogue with herself connecting and relating with space and nature, in which her presence almost constitutes a ritual symbology: a unique, authentic, quantum, present and unrepeatable moment, practiced almost as a rite: a constant conflict towards the possibility to reach a presence, with an interior path defined by the photographic rectangle. Chiara is unable to see herself neither while taking the shot, neither while shooting herself; this method is used as a listening self therapy which allows her to connect to her interior image by eliminating expectations, breaking photographic rules whenever possible. Chiara prefers to call her shots as “Listenings”, meaning projections, visions, vibrations, listening phenomena guided by the right side of the brain. Chiara’s interests are also pointed towards human and social issues which involve the individual, such as human awareness, the insecurity of one’s existence, alienation, depersonalization, but also everyday human struggles trying to fit in a society which demands approval to established criteria. Chiara initially began her introspection process for selfish reasons, as a way to survive through personal internal conflicts and inadequacy to the system. In 2010 during his stay in Berlin she decided to start making some of her shots public, encouraged by a Berlin curator who recognizes the power and the truth of her research, inviting her to participate in the Berlin art fair “Berliner Kunstsalon” with the “Human Alienation” project; Human Alienation, will also be published in Italy through daily magazine “La Repubblica” , “Vogue” and the most important Italian photography Magazine “Il Fotografo". Chiara also grants a copy of the project to “Brown University”, Providence, U.S.A. for educational purposes and one permanently at the “CAM” Museum of Contemporary Art in Naples, Italy. Her research became a treatment exclusively for herself, towards herself. Chiara use Photography as a powerful medium not-verbal to explain humanity to mankind through self analysis and self awareness. Whether before she sustained that people prefer to look at themselves through a mask, rather than interacting with their most truthful essence, she now thinks there could be a glimmer, a possibility, an open channel, an exchange, an access point, a return to one’s self and the true nature of a common thought, a vibration that could open and shake new levels of consciousness and non verbal communication among strangers, beyond people, personalities, culture, representation. As the world outside appears to turn bleak, photography is like a third voice.

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2014 with David Lynch, Milan (Italy) - Creativity, meditation, consciousness, transcendence.
2014 with Marina Abramović, London (UK) - Awareness, presence. Performing with Abramović “Embrace”.

Education, qualification level denomination
Art Lyceum - Imperia (Liguria, Italy)
1995 Graduated in teacher of art
1997 Graduated in photography (analog), direction (movie/television-analog), graphic design
2000 “CTC movie-television centre” - Milan (Italy)
2002 Vocational training certificate in art of photography (analog), direction (movie/television-analog),
photography-video technique, editing, shooting and image processing, psychology of sound and vision, scenography, set lights, communication techniques.

Education Body
Dance contemporary and jazz (academy), modern, caribbean, afro, yoga, tai chi, muscle toning, kickboxing for self-defense (classes, stages), Theater (vocal technique, breathing, ear training, diction, range, intonation, interpretation, stage presence, vision of art in motion, sets, costume construction, stage management).

• 2017 Italy (Laigueglia - SV) - Il suono interiore - Solo Photo/Video Exhibition 15 - 30 June 2017, Director Rosario Bonaccorso, curated by Sangiorgi Gallery
• 2017 Contemporary Vision” | VideoArt in Loop | 1 - 15 June WORLDWIDE | Curated by Roberto Ronca
• 2017 Italy (Milan) - Mia Photo Fair - the international contemporary art fair dedicated to Photography and moving image, 10-13 March 2017, Artist with Gallery
• 2016 Worldwide, Morocco, Argentina, Bulgaria, Serbia, Spain, Greece, Czech Republic, Portugal, UK & Italy - Contemporary Visions ∞ VideoArt in LOOP   is the event that involves video art in a project shared simultaneously in different parts of the world - 1st - 16 October 2016 - Courtesy of IAA/AIAP & UNESCO, curator Roberto Ronca
• 2016 Bulgaria (Varna) - 8° Contempo International Contemporary Art Festival, Sensitive and Digital Scapes - 20-09/04-10 2016 - curated by Visualcontainer (Videoart)
• 2016 Germany (Berlin) - Kollektiv Kunst 100, Fhainerraum Gallery - 06-08 June - curator Lila Nettsträter - Photography Exhibition
• 2016 Germany (Berlin) - Fair "Open Air Gallery" - curator Käthe Bauer - Photography Exhibition
• 2016 Bologna (Italy) - “Loto Onlus” - Scatta un’emozione - Collective Photography Exhibition
• 2016 Italy (Trieste) -  DoubleRoom - “Bodification” The body as a cultural object - 18 March - 27 May - curator Massimo Premuda - Screening
• 2016 Portugal (Lisbon) - Oblíqua / Videoarte & Cinema Experimental - Instituto Cervantes - Fábrica Braço de Prata - Appleton Square - Teatro do Bairro - Galeria Germinal
• 2015 Italy (Roma) - On Art Gallery - 18 - 21 December - Screening "To MySelf" by FestArte VideoArt Festival
• 2015 Germany (Berlin) - Galerie Zwitschermaschine, Potsdamer Str. 161, 10783 Berlin) 6 - 15 November Collective - "Concoscienza, Selfportarit" Photo
• 2015 Italy (Forlì, Fabbrica delle Candele) - 14 November - Screening - Re-Azione Festival-by Vertov Project and Visualcontainer
• 2015 Spain (Barcelona, Berguedà c/o Cal Rosal) 08-19-20 September - Screening - by Visualcontainer @ Konvent.0 Festival
• 2015 Germany (Berlin) - "Futura Kultur", 1/09-20/10 Photos Exhibition - curated by Giorgia Cicatello
• 2015 Germany (Berlin) - Fair "Open Air Gallery", photos exhibition - curator Käthe Bauer - Photography Exhibition
• 2015 Italy (Genova, Palazzo Ducale, Sala Dogana) - 19 June-5 July (Video screening) "Fluidità del Mediale" - curator Paola Zucchello
• 2014 Italy (Roma) - "Caffè letterario" 12/12 2014 - 8/03/2015 - Videoscreening - curator Festarte/Lorena Benatti
• 2014-2015 Italy (Casoria, Napoli) - "CAM Contemporary Art Museum Casoria" 12/12 2014 - 8/03/2015 - "I Am a Woman" - curator Antonio Manfredi (Videoart)
• 2014-2015 Italy (Ancona) - "Villa Favorita" 10/12/2014 - 31/01/2015 - Video "Sleeping Standing"- curator "Istao Ist.Adriano Olivetti"(Videoart)
• 2014 Italy (Trieste) - "Palazzo Costanzi", - Giornata Mondiale di Lotta all’AIDS - curator "Più o meno positivi" (Videoart)
• 2014 Italy (Marsciano, Perugia) - "Museo Dinamico del Laterizio e delle Terrecotte", curator "MAG Marsciano Arte Giovani" (Videoart)
• 2014 Romania (Oradea) - "White Canvas" - curator University of Oradea, Department of Visual Arts Faculty of Arts Romania and VisualContainer
• 2014 Russia (Moscow) Gulag State Museum - "Collective Shades" Now&After International Videoart Festival - curator M. Fomenko and VisualContainer
• 2014 Italy (Milan) - 77Art Gallery - "Linguaggi del Corpo" - Screening videos + Photoworks + Performance ("L'anarchia del Potere"with Giulio Valentini)
• 2013 Italy (Milan) - Centro Tian Qi - Screening "Awareness" (from Tomyself project), curator Centro Tian Qi
• 2013 UK (Lincoln) - University of Lincoln (Performing Arts Centre) The “Interconnectivity & Live Art” mini-Festival, curator Fenia Kotsopoulou (Videoart)
• 2013 Perù (Cuzco) - International Videoart festival, by Visualcontainer-Videobabel (Videoart)
• 2013 Germany (Berlin) - "Our Time NYC-Berlin // E.V.E.project °1°", curator Miriam Wuttke (Photos-Videoart)
• 2013 UK (London) - Toothache Duets at PerformanceSpace, curator L.Douse/E.Kartsaki (Videoart)
• 2013 Bulgaria (Veliko Turnovo) - "Тетрис Festival" 10th-20th of October/Different Locations, curator Adriana Ivanova (Videoart)
• 2013 Grecia (Kalamata - Historic Center) "Festival Miden" by Visualcontainer (Videoart)
• 2013 Francia (Rennes) - "L'Oeil d'Oodaaq International Videoart Festival", curated by Visualcontainer (Videoart)
• 2013 Italy (Riccione - Palazzo delle Esposizioni) "International Art Expo", curator Luca Curci (Videoart)
• 2013 Italy (Milan) - "Overlight Arti Incrociate" - Spazio Concept, curator Cristina Lorenzi (Photos-Videoart)
• 2013 Spain (Madrid) - Portugal(Coimbra) - Italy(Milan) - Norway(Trondheim) - Proyector Videoart Festival - 21/30 November by Proyector Videoart Festival
• 2013 U.S.A. (Providence) - Brown University (Videoart screening)
• 2013 Italy "LaCosa" Beppe Grillo Web Channel (Videoart "Human Alienation - ToMyself")
• 2013 Worldwide - 100 video artist to tell a century 100x100=900” - Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro/RJ (Brazil), Milano-Padova-Palermo-Venezia-Ferrara-Bari-Bergamo-Roma (Italy), Madrid-Bilbao-Gijón (Spain), Coimbra (Portugal), Budapest-Holdudvar (Hungary), Paris (France), Cusco (Perù), Los Angeles-Oakland-St.Louis Missouri-Ontario-Nashville-Atlanta-Dallas(USA), Colima (Mexico), Isfahan-Tehran (Iran), London (UK), Tirane (Albania), Philippines, Beijing (China), Sfântu Gheorghe-Oradea (Romania), Sofia (Bulgaria), Yerevan (Armenia), Athens (Greece), Kiev(Ukraine), Moscow (Russia), Poland, Bangalore (India) - curated by Enrico Tomaselli
• 2012 Italy (Milan) - Flashforward 4 [.BOX] Videoart Project Space (Videoart)
• 2012 Spain (Madrid) - "Proyector" - Festival Internacional de VideoArte, by Visualcontainer (Videoart)
• 2012 Portugal (Coimbra) - "Proyector" - Festival Internacional de VideoArte, by Visualcontainer (Videoart)
• 2012 Belgium (Bruxelles) - N.I.C.E. Videoart New Ideas about Contemporary and Experimental Videoart, by Visualcontainer (Videoart)
• 2012 Germany (Berlin) - "Panke Art Space" (Videoart-Photos-Performance)
• 2012 Italy (Lodi) - "Galleria Oldrado da Ponte" (Videoart)
• 2012 Germany (Berlin) - Fair "Open Air Gallery", curator J.Noritsch (Photos)
• 2012 Germany (Berlin) - "Kunsthaus Tacheles" Tacheles support CAM (Photo performance)
• 2012 Italy (Naples) - "CAM | Contemporary Art Museum, Video "Human Alienation" in permanent collection
• 2011 Germany (Berlin) - Fair "Open Air Gallery", curator J.Noritsch (Photos)
• 2011 Germany (Berlin) -“ Berliner Kunstsalon", curator Ed Piper (Videoart)
• 2010 Germany (Berlin) - "Venus in eco Furs”- “Cell63 Art Galley”, curator Luisa Catucci (Photos)