“Chiara Mazzocchi e l’arte come auto-terapia di ascolto”
Last video interview - “Riviera Time News”, Bordighera, Italy November 2017

“iGNANT” - A series of self portraits by Chiara Mazzocchi about spiritual beings having a human experience
“Birthday Suit Collective” - The collective focuses on nudity and celebrates the beauty of the human form - by Holly Lavelle
“Voice Interview” - Vissi D’Arte - by Andrej Mussa,
“Visceral8 Platform” - Instinctive / deep-rooted / gut - by Sabrina Santiago, NY
“Esto no es Arte” - Los autoretratos internos de Chiara Mazzocchi (Madrid)
“Mia Photo Fair”- the international contemporary art fair dedicated to Photography and moving image, 2017, Milan (Italy) - Press/Catalog
“Designindaba” This Italian artist subverts societal expectations with her self-portraits / Chiara Mazzocchi’s work is both self-reflective and rebellious. By Lindsay Samson
“Miferfiak” A fotó és ami mögötte van. Belső folyamatok egy művész szemszögéből, egy művésszel By Lindsay Samson
“Artintern” 意大利摄影师、导演和演员 Chiara Mazzocchi
“Designboom” Chiara Mazzocchi captures inner processes through self-portrayals by Lea Zeitoun, Designboom
“Interview about Society” - by Daniele Ronca

“Il corpo solitario” L’autoscatto nella fotografia contemporanea - Press / Rubbettino Editore - by Giorgio Bonomi
“D-ART” - Body Performance del Subconscio Art by Lorenzo Sabatini
“Curated by Girls” - Berlin - by Laetitia Duveau
“Performance Project” Complici di una scena presente - Book about Performance Art by Massimo Schiavoni
“In Arte” N.75 - by Angelo Telesca - Press
“Reflectedfaith” Darkness Blog
“Kiosk der demokratie” Art and photo and film, cosmic culture by Sascha Windolph
"Pier Paolo Pasolini Centro Studi” - "L’anarchia del Potere”, performance with Giulio Valentini

"Wall Street International", Interview by Flavia Lanza
"Vimagazine", Portraits at Beelitz - pagg. 21-25 by Viviana Falace
"3:2 Magazine N.7 "Human Alienation” - pagg. 34-41
"Phosmag Magazine", a magazine focusing on photography
"ArtConnect Berlin", Interview by Iva Kanova
"Art & Law" das sich mit Kunst - Germany - by Andrijana Kojich
"Twogether-Berlin" Agentur für Kunst und Kultur - Germany - by Petra Braun
"Fubiz", le site et la plateforme Fubiz le meilleur de la culture créative contemporaine - France
"Art Blog” by Daniela Scarel

"No Title Gallery" Selfportrait pagg. 5-6 by Luca Bartolato - Venice, Italy
“Kritika” Contemporary art online by Emanuele Beluffi
"Best Selected” Photography on line
"Imago" by Ivano Mercanzin
“Undo” Magazine - Linguaggi del Corpo - Italy
"La Stanza privata dell’ Arte" by Robero Milani" Interview - Italy
"Mondoessenziale” Blog
“Tze-Tze” News Politic and Society

"La Repubblica" Newspaper - Human Alienation - Italy
“Overlight” Arti incrociate by Cristina Lorenzi - Italy
“Undo" Magazine, - Bellezza" - Selected by Giovanni Viceconte - Italy
"Digital performance” by Annamaria Monteverdi - Interview
“Kadekmedien’s Blog", - Il Sogno - Svegliami domani mattina - by Klaus-Dieter Knoll
• "Dagheisha", Interview by Divine - Italy
"Camera dello Sguardo", Interview - Italy
"Blarco” Contemporary Art - Pensieri in movimento, Interview by Lucia Zapparoli - Italy
"Arte Padova C.A.T.S. "2013 “Photography on Catalog 2013 - Press
“Il Fotografo” N.248 - Magazine - 6 pages “Human Alienation” by Sandro Iovine - Italy
“Fashion Installation” (where art meets fashion) – “Human Alienation” by Athena Kalogirou - Athens/Greece
“DDN Design Diffusion World” N.192 – (Press) 4 pages “To MySelf” by Luciana Cuomo
M°BA “ Mode Biënnale Arnhem” - "ToMySelf" by Chloé Sos – Holland
“Vogue” - Exclusive preview - To MySelf - by Antonio Privitera
“Fashion Installation” (where art meets fashion) – “To MySelf” by Athena Kalogirou - Greece
“Untitled Magazine”
"Extra-F" A photoblog from Berlin by Ed Piper”
"La Cosa" - Beppe Grillo Channel - by Matteo Ponzano - Italy
“Undo” Magazine - Italy
“Bemag” Raw magazine Talents N.23 - pag. 35 - Spain

"Blarco" Arte Contemporanea - Italy
"BAF" Berliner Film Blog
"Arte Social" - Mexico
“L’Espresso” Editoriale - Italy
“Berlin Beauty,” A project by Petrov Ahner - Berlin (Germany)
“Archiattack" - Il futuro arriva sempre - Italy
“Tacheles Kunsthaus” - Berlin (Germany)
“Femminin Art Review” - Italy
"Artwall" - France
"Kunst Salon” by Ed Piper - Berlin (Germany)
“Visualcontainer Italian Distributor” - Italy
“Arthub” Selected Video
“Public Republic” - Artist of the Week - Germany

2006 -2010
“WOM” against HIV by Anton Leroy
“Genova News” Arte - Rumore Bianco - Chiara Mazzocchi e Degal - Press
"Pool Magazine” N.04 - pagg 21-22 I- 2009 - taly - Press
"OkiDoki Gallery” Berlin
"Computer Arts" Digital Art Magazine N.93 - pagg 90-91 - 2006 - Italy - Press
"Kult Magazine" Talent Photo - 2006 - Italy - Press
“Writeup" Vivere l'Ascolto N.09 - Cover Photo - 2006 - Italy - Press

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