With photography, we capture the present moment.
We try and live in the present as if our body were a camera.
Photography as a conscious transcendental path based on inner processes.

Trainer Chiara Mazzocchi

There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen. I should call this photography, but I will call this “listening”. Your process and your inner path defined by the photographic rectangle. I will be your trainer, I will accompany you in your own individual journey, I will be a supervisor. My work on you is emotional and the encounters are taught in a special mentorship. I'm going to offer my experience and my knowledge, I want to know you through your Photos,  I want to feel the level of your consciousness, and then, step by step I will select the most suitable practical exercises with and without the camera. A laboratory about spiritual access where your inner processes can be visible and evolve.
A training course where we do analysis, therapy, exercise and development of your photographic work.

Main Concepts
• Reaching the present (exercises)
• Explore yourself through practice exercises without camera and with the camera.
• The shooting driven by the right hemisphere of the brain, place of emotions and intuition which controls half of the body. Unconscious headquarters.
• Removing the mind to bring out who you are. The one you are is looking for you.
• Connection with the light (exercises with and without camera).
• Relation in space, lines of energy.
• Transgressing photographic rules and conventions of photography.
• Visual consciousness, visual metaphors, symbols, aesthetics.
• Relationship between photography and performance as inner processes, presence and representation.
• Methodology of self-therapy that allows us to connect with our internal image and helps us to resize our expectations.
• Creative processes.

Main offers
Training sessions / seminars / workshop / private-individual training ideal for:
• Professional photographer or amateurs who has a sincere desire to create a meaningful dialogue, conscious and on his artistic photographic practice.
• Those who feel interested in photography for the first time as an individual process.
• Companies, schools, training institutes and cultural associations interested in promoting them.
• Suitable for children: basic principles for visual motor integration activities ideal for kindergarten and school.
• Work on your child's visual perceptual skills and fine motor skills as well, as these skills build up the foundation for good visual-motor integration, exercises with the camera.

The laboratory will be conducted in English language.

Equipment and pre-requisites
• Adults: It is not necessary to have knowledge in photo technical, but you must have a digital camera, laptop, USB stick.
Knowing the basic technical knowledge of how to use a camera (aperture/shutter speed/ISO) will be better for you but the training is about inner process.
• Children: They will work with my personal Equipment (Camera, tripod, remote control, screen).

Schedule and price
It will be decided according to your needs (individual lessons or groups, duration and level). Individual: if you are interested in a training course with at least ten lessons, this has to be consumed within one month.

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