“TO MY SELF - 2013 SS Pre-Couture Collection by Erkan Çoruh

Communicates a human relationship through the collections. The clothes are not trendy, yet are not competitive in the market, instead propose outright new perceptions.
Erkan Çoruh woman and man represent the strong sensibility of tradition and modernity in an eccentric poetic way together with elegance and nonconformism.
The crossing bridges brand’s signature pieces are known for their high fashion edged with a communicative sensibility on cultural differences.
Highly conceptual and spiritual researches become the main character of the brand and its production methodology.
Every pieces has a unique design process enriched with philosophic dialogues in magical ways.
Passing through the generations and the inner self.
Exclusive on Vogue:

Episode one “Connection”
Episode two “Encounter”

Episode three “To Myself”
Episode Four “Soul Revolution”

Erkan Çoruh / Brand, turkish designer
Chiara Mazzocchi / concept director performer videoeditor
Juan Pablo Saturria / perfomer
Giuseppe Volpini / coordinator, supervisor
Ashram / music